First custom-made platform
for managing points of sale (POS)

  • Controls and visualizes what happens at your points of sale, either in your own stores or in multi-brand stores.
  • Improves suppliers processes, saving time and money by managing points of sale from a single platform.
  • Analyzes all information generated at the POS and centralized on the platform to make strategic decisions.

for POS management

Visual management

Controls and manages in real time all visuals at each POS

People flow

Monitors the number of unique “users" and their behavior at the POS

Fraud control

Reduces fraud at POS and acts on irregularities fast and effectively

Socio-demographic analysis

Analyzes the profile of consumers around each POS in detail

POS sensorization

Controls in real time variables such as temperature, door opening, and number of products on the liners of each POS


Management, implementation and monitoring of actions at the POS

  • Controls in real time all visuals currently existing at each POS.
  • Easily coordinates all actors (manufacturers, installers, POS manager, etc.), promotional materials and rebranding at POS.
  • Creates a centralized database with all store design plans, visuals locations, as well as history of campaigns and visuals.
  • Improves processes, avoids mistakes, and saves time and money.


Collects data, sorts, analyzes and defines improvements

  • Monitors and analyzes the number of unique people who enter the POS, and how many of them stop by a shelf, corner, or an specific area of the store.
  • Studies the behavior of customers at the POS, the time spent in the store, the frequency and recurrence of customer business, the number of stores of your brand the customers usually enter, etc.
  • Analyzes and compares the correlation of store traffic with the turnover at each POS, as well as with advertising campaigns on TV or other media.


Socio-demographic analysis of the points of sale and their geographical environment

  • Visualizes on a map where are all your POS, as well as where all your customers live.
  • Learns the socio-economic level of your POS surroundings by knowing data such as your target population and the average monthly expenditure in that area of your activity sector, and compares it with the actual turnover at your POS.
  • Analyze all data allows for the comparison of ratios between different POS, as well as the determination of important opportunities and strategies at the group level.

Fraud control

  • Reduces fraud at the POS and acts on irregularities fast and effectively.
  • In the retail sector, numerous irregular transactions occur every day, causing significant losses that affect the income statement.
  • The solution covers all possible scenarios related to store operations: employee cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, discounts, cancellations, cash register opening, ticket reprinting, inventory discrepancy, etc.
  • Fraud control also has an immediate deterrent effect on the network. Statistically, 5% of the network causes more than 50% of the total fraud.


Controls easily from the head office and in real time:

  • Temperature and humidity level at each POS
  • Air quality at the POS
  • Presence of smoke, or water or gas leaks
  • Presence of rodents in the warehouse
  • Opening of doors, windows, or specific drawers
  • Inventory level on each shelf
  • Etc ...

And generates automatic alerts relevant to each case.

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